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Your First Visit, 50 pack

Your First Visit, 50 pack
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This brochure helps explain to a potential new patient what they can expect at their 1st visit with a Naturopathic Doctor (ND). New patients may feel nervous or anxious about visiting a new doctor. This ready-to-use brochure gives a broad overview of the length of the appointment, general expectations, treatment plans, and the importance of honest dialogue with the doctor. The brochure also lists some of the more common acute and chronic conditions that naturopathic medicine can effectively treat.

As many people don't fully understand naturopathic medicine, it’s important to provide them with an easy-to-understand educational brochure to remove any anxiousness they may be feeling. Every clinic wants their patients to be as relaxed as possible when they come in for any treatment. The unknown can be a cause of a lot of anxiety for many people, but with this well-written, educational brochure, you can put your patient’s minds at ease.

Our "Your First Visit" product is a wonderful addition with a first appointment welcome letter, to display in your clinic brochure racks, or to attach to marketing materials. Knowledge is power, and when your patients know what to expect, they will feel more in control of what is going on and therefore more at ease, when they first visit your clinic.

How to use:

Educate and inform patients with this brochure. Alleviate fears or concerns. Hand them out at wellness fairs and health screenings. Distribute at wellness workshops. Display in your clinic lobby. Mail to other health care practitioners who may refer patients to you. Mail to patients with their new intake paperwork. Post this marketing brochure on community bulletin boards. Distribute/leave at local health clubs, book stores, community centers, etc.

There is a space on the back of each brochure for you to personalize using a stamp or label.

8 1/2 x 11 tri-fold, color brochures. Pack of 50.