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Welcome Greeting Card, 25 pack

Welcome Greeting Card, 25 pack
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The Welcome Greeting card can be used to welcome a new patient to your clinic and your services. When a new patient comes to your clinic for the first time, give them this beautiful, eye-appealing, thoughtful greeting card. Show your appreciation that they have chosen to work with you as a partner on their health journey.

Welcome greeting cards can also be used to welcome a new employee, health care partner, nutrition therapy expert, or new naturopathic doctor joining your holistic clinic team.

An inspirational greeting card can be a great way to develop a strong doctor/employee relationship, improve employee morale and show appreciation to those in your life.. These small touches can make a big difference to the happiness of your patients, your team, the environment you create in your clinic, and the success of your clinic in the future.

Welcome Greeting Cards are designed in a way to be used in different circumstances and life celebrations so you can be sure to have the perfect card when someone new enters your life or business.

5 X 7 full color greeting card, 14-point card stock, Pack of 25 cards and white envelopes.