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Discover Greeting Card, 25 pack

Discover Greeting Card, 25 pack
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Everyone needs to be reminded that they are an incredible, amazing, unique human being every now and again. We need to be reminded that, despite how crazy our lives can seem from day-to-day, that each one of us is special. We all need to take the time to discover our true essence. Let it nourish and feed us.

This inspirational greeting card is a wonderful choice at any time of year in life or business. Clinics can send these greeting cards to patients, to encourage them to continue looking after their health. They can utilize them for marketing purposes in wellness workshops and retreats, giving them to patients as they leave.

If you are one who loves to inspire others in life, Discover Greeting Cards are a simple but effective way to show those in your life that you care about them.

5 X 7 full color greeting card, 14-point card stock, Pack of 25 cards and white envelopes.