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Thank You Greeting Card, 25 pack

Thank You Greeting Card, 25 pack
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The Thank you Greeting card can be used to thank someone in your life. It can best be used to thank another doctor or health care professional for a referral to your clinic, thanking a colleague for something they did, thanking a new patient for a kind gesture or thanking a team member for a job well done.. Anytime you want to let someone in your life know that you appreciate them, our "Thank You Greeting Card” is the perfect solution. Show those in your life and business that you truly value them and all that they do for you. Going above and beyond with a small touch like a thank you card will always be appreciated and remembered by the recipient.

Thank you greeting cards are a popular choice for anyone wishing to express their gratitude and are an ideal way to convey thanks in a meaningful and thoughtful way.

5 X 7 full color greeting card, 14-point card stock, Pack of 25 cards and white envelopes.