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Full set of all brochures

Full set of all brochures
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Save money when buying this bundle packet which includes a 50 pack of each brochure title. Informative and descriptive brochures can be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Educate and inform patients. Explain the many tools in the ND toolbox. Spread the message how Naturopathic Medicine can positively impact the health and wellness of many.

Our brochures are colorful, easy to read and professionally done. 8 1/2 x 11 tri-fold color brochures. Pack of 50 each.

There is a space on the back of each brochure for you to personalize using a stamp or label. Don't forget to personalize your brochure so the reader can find YOU!

*Display in your clinic lobby.
*Hand out to patients after a first visit.
*Hand them out at wellness fairs and health screenings.
*Distribute at wellness workshops.
*Mail to local health care practitioners who may refer patients to you.
*Circulate at networking events.
*Post on community bulletin boards.
*Distribute/leave at local health clubs, book stores, community centers, etc.

Brochure Titles:

*What is Naturopathic Medicine?
*Your First Visit with a Naturopathic Doctor
*Modalities of Naturopathic Medicine
*Naturopathic Medicine Q&A
*MD vs ND What is the difference?
*Whole Foods Nutrition: Eating for Optimal Health