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Welcome to Feeling Better than Ever LLC, your source for wellness brochures, cards, and more!

Marketing and promoting your wellness and health care business takes time and effort. You are an amazing healer and health care practitioner but designing and printing marketing brochures and inspirational greeting cards to promote your business may not be your strong suit or a favorite task that you enjoy doing.

That’s where Feeling Better than Ever LLC comes in. We want to help you! Our offerings include marketing brochures for Naturopathic Doctors plus a simple and easy to read Eating for Optimal Health / Whole Foods brochure that will appeal to patients trying to eat better and improve their health. We also offer a beautiful collection of healing and holistic wellness/marketing greeting cards.

At Feeling Better than Ever LLC, we understand the importance of an optimal marketing strategy that allows you to communicate effectively with your patients, generate more interest in your services and increase patient revenue. Whether it is a brochure stand on your clinic counter displaying information about Naturopathic Medicine or a brochure hand-out for your next wellness fair, our team is committed to delivering a marketing solution for you that will benefit you, your team, patients, and, ultimately, increase your clinic revenue.

With the right marketing strategy in place, you can grow your clinic with confidence, get more patients coming through the door, and improve your reputation and credibility. Offering educational brochures, personalized with your clinic’s information, is one of the best ways to build trust and rapport with both your existing and future patients. At Feeling Better than Ever LLC, we know that providing well-designed, engaging, and highly-informative holistic health marketing products shows your patients that you truly care about their well-being. We offer a range of literature and other materials to help your patients learn more about cultivating a well-balanced diet, integrative health, herbal medicine, holistic health, nutrition therapy and so much more!

We also offer a beautiful variety of inspirational greeting cards, welcome cards for new patients, thank you cards for a team member, encouragement cards for a patient and more. Our greeting cards are specifically designed for the holistic health industry, and cannot be found anywhere else. Be sure to check out our amazing range of greeting cards and find the perfect card for your patient or colleague.

Our wellness products are colorful, easy to read, and professionally done. All of our brochures, and greeting cards have space for you to add your name or clinic name so patients will read, reach out, and contact YOU! Improved and increased marketing promotion = more patients!

Take a look around and purchase one of our pre-printed and ready-to-use products. Be sure to check back regularly for new marketing solutions.